01 05

The task.

I found some design related tickets from Bugzilla@Mozilla, and it's interesting to see how designers work together in an open source community. So I decided to contribute. I picked a ticket and spent a weekend redesigning the event guides page on webmaker.org.

My Role

I was learning the Design Thinking Framework and I decided to use it as a guide to solve this problem. I rethought the entire work flow and designed a better experience for people to plan a Maker Party.

02 05

What's wrong with the page?

The page is not designed as a "get started" guide. The information is hidden in the wiki page, the user needs to spend time looking for what they need.

The over-all visual design is not fun and welcoming. And compare to the other pages, the events page design looks out-dated with many inconsistency in design.

03 05

Let’s make it better!

user story
Empathize with the user

Creating a story board and an Empathy map could help me better understand the user’s needs.

pain points
The Pain Points

Identify pain points for users and opportunities to improve the design.

04 05

The "to-be" scenario.

to be
05 05

Test with prototype


I'm Wendy, and this is my design portfolio.

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