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The task.

TempoRun allows runners to set their pace to songs with steady beats, making their runs more enjoyable and consistent. Our team won over seven teams from some of the nation’s top universities to place first in the 2013 SXSW Student Startup Madness tournament. And we release TempoRun to the App Store in May, 2013.

My Role

As the UI designer, I worked with three developers, crafted the over-all user experience, produced wireframes, prototypes, and detailed design specifications.

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Meet your training partner

TempoRun will automatically categorize your music into levels from 1 to 10, based on tempo. Level 1 is a walk, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a sprint. So you can easily manage your songs and speed on your run.

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The process.

It is important to understand how users interact with their devices and what they would go through during their run. Those insights helped me identify user's paint-points and created designs accordingly.


Workflow - First Iteration


Workflow - Second Iteration


Having the level up/down buttons on the left feels more natural.


It’s really difficult to press the buttons when wearing an armband. Therefore the size of the buttons needs to be prominent.


Final Mock-up

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The results.

Since the release on May 2013, the responses were overwhelming. The App was designed for iOS 6, before the trend of flat designs. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of redesigning this App. After all, TempoRun is a brilliant idea.

Why people love TempoRun.

"Though it’s light on features, TempoRun serves its purpose well and is an app you should consider for your next run."

—By AJ Dellinger, Digital Trends

"TempoRun is rated best new iOS apps of May 2013. Run, don't walk, to download it."

By FierceMobileIT

"Temporun, rated best App of the week, aims to change that for you. The app utilizes a unique system that categorizes your music based on tempo and matches songs to your running speed."

By Digital Trends


I'm Wendy, and this is my design portfolio.

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