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The task.

Founded in 2007, CUSA is aimed to help Chinese undergraduate students adapt to the new environment, accommodate their needs and share Chinese culture with other MSU students. I worked as a designer in the organization for 3 years. In 2012, I recruited a group of young designers/photographors who has passion but no experience and built my own design team. I'm very pleased to know that two of them decided to change their major and pursue a design career.

My Role

CUSA is special to me. I want to design a logo that represent the true spirits of CUSA. We came from China, grew up in an environment that's extremely different. We're far away from home, celebrating our holidays alone on campus. We are also Spartans, cheering for our Football team and bleeding green and white! The logo needs to represent both Chinese and the spartan culture. And the new brand needs to be reliable, vibrant and memorable.

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The cultural ambassador.

reliable, vibrant and memorable

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The process.

some initial sketches

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The design.


I was inspired by the chinese totems, they're mostly round with phoenix or dragon symbols. They have many meanings. And the ones that have red clouds usually mean "Harmony". Then I incorporate the lettering and created this symbol.

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The results.

The new branding has proven to be very effective. CUSA distinguished itself from other student groups and more people started to recognize us. In addition, the design took home a 2013 silver student ADDY award.


I'm Wendy, and this is my design portfolio.

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